Case Audit Settlement Evaluation
Case Audit Settlement Evaluation


May we be so bold as to say: When Insurance Companies Pay Low — Say No!

CASE Audit Settlement Evaluation is in the business of auditing personal injury records to reverse unfair, unrealistic, lowball injury settlement valuations.

For 27 years, insurers have used an armory of 'cost-containment' software's, adjusters who engage Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts (UCSPAs) and IME's who dispute, delay, discount and defend unfair, undervaluation of injury claims.

Until now, it's been difficult to oppose and overcome the insurers' tactics and software's. Given the reality that you can't fight a computer without a computer, CASE has developed an Audit software that has been specifically programmed to reverse low injury settlement valuations. Using semantic interoperability with CAD (Computer Aided Decision) functionality and a DSS (Decision Support System), we can now make up to 600 of the same decisions and determinations the insurers software's make to bring an effective solution for reversing undervaluations of injury claims, especially when there is no legal or factual basis for the undervaluation.

We've made it easy for you to refer an undervalued injury claim for a FREE Injury Claim Assessment to determine if the claim is candidate for reversal of undervaluation.

It's always frustrating to be on the receiving end of an unfair settlement valuation.


If you agree that When Insurers Pay Low, It's Time To Say No;

Contact a CASE auditor in your area and submit a case for a FREE review

You will receive a report based on 25 sections and 74 factors and can confer with the auditor to see how the audit can reverse the undervaluation.