Case Audit Settlement Evaluation
Case Audit Settlement Evaluation

Injury Claim Review & Report

The FREE injury case review is one of the most valuable components to help determine if the claim has merit for audit that would result in a reversal of the undervaluation.

The FREE Case Review will determine which of 60 factors that comprise injury claim valuation are present, disputed, denied or omitted and represent these factors for acceptance in the new CASE assessment that will lead to new added valuation.

This Case Review will also investigate for the engagement of any of the 12 Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts (UCSPA's) and reverse their effect on lowering claim valuation. The FREE review will also search for violations of the Ethics Codes of an Adjuster, that will also lead to reversal of undervaluation for same. This cursory review will identify evidentiary burdens of proof of evidence-based grounds of actionable cause for reversal of undervaluation.

Your injury claim review and report is a precursor to the full blown audit. This step is to determine if the claim is to merit a full-blown audit. The report is enlightening.
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