Case Audit Settlement Evaluation
Case Audit Settlement Evaluation

Free Injury Claim Review with a Claim Auditor

When you don't want to accept undervaluation on an injury claim

When you engage CASE, you gain access to a system that is unparalleled in reversing undervaluation of personal injury claims. It begins with your FREE claim review. Our review will uncover hasty algorithms the insurers' software's use to contain costs and detect when Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts and violations of the Ethics Codes Of The Adjuster are used to lowball injury claims, which serves as the starting point of our reversal of undervaluation of injury claims resultant of these tactics.

Our review will also search for missing factors that contribute to lowered valuation as; case maximizers, prolonged modifiers, standard multipliers, additional increase multipliers, severity drivers, value drivers and decision points that lower valuation when missing from the claim.

What to expect of your FREE claim review

Even reluctant plaintiffs' attorney report they had little idea of the actionable causes available to reverse undervaluation yet at the same time did not want to be bound by insurers when there is no legal and factual basis for low settlement valuation. Find out how your undervalued claim can be reversed.

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