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I am a contributing author and trained Auditor whose sole purpose is to assist in the reversal of unfair, undervaluation of injury claims.

I am a member of a select group of chiropractic physicians trained as an Auditor and Knowledgeable Observer to independently audit and provide medical validation when it is believed there is an undervaluation of an injury claim with inadequate explanation of the legal and factual basis for so low a valuation. The independent audit is for the correction of any omissions or misstatements of the claim by either the claimant or defense or rebut the engagement of any “Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts” or violations of the “Ethics Codes of the Adjuster” that result in unfair, undervaluation of an injury claim.

I am available to audit, consult and provide data to assist plaintiffs' attorneys in the benefits of P.I. Claim Audits to reverse low ball injury claims. I offer free subscriptions to: eBulletin series, eBook, Audit Report, Audit Brochure, Audit Magazine and CLE Accreditation.

I can provide the most thorough education presentation with CLE credits available for Ethics, via screen share or "meet & greet" presentation.

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Susan Sanders D.C.

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The Medical Records Are the Insurance Company’s Primary Source of Data Which They Use to Determine Settlement Valuation. One of the Single Most Important Considerations That Determine Settlement Valuation is derived from “Value Drivers” and "Decision Points" that Insurance Companies Use to Determine the range of worth of an injury claim. There Are 26 Value Driver sections, and 67,880 decision points. The insurance companies refuse to release their decision points to the public making it difficult to navigate the claim. The audit however, contains a search engine to detect overlooked value drivers and decision points and exchange them in the correct language, format and sequence to interface and input added valuation into the injury claim, and reverse claims that have been undervalued.

We engage a proprietary software in our audit process to make the same medical determinations as the insurer's software's. Using ambient intelligence technology, our software features a rare Computer Aided Decision-making functionality (CAD) and Decision Support System (DSS). This ability is no match for the human mind and this technology advancement is a key component of our ability to reverse undervaluation's on injury claims.

As an auditor and 'Knowledgeable Observer', we apply MECE standards to our audits. MECE = Mutually Exclusive / Collectively Exhaustive. This essentially means that we are mutually exclusive as an injury claim auditor and exhaust all methods to audit 26 sections and 60 factors on each claim in order to reverse undervaluations of injury claims.

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About Dr. Sanders

Dr. Susan Parker Sanders is a Chiropractic Specialist in Fort Pierce, Florida. She graduated with honors in 1998. Having more than 24 years of diverse experiences, especially in CHIROPRACTIC, Dr. Susan Parker Sanders affiliates with no hospital, cooperates with many other doctors and specialists without joining any medical groups.

Dr. Susan Sanders, DC, BAT, COHC has been a member of the Port Saint Lucie community since 2009 and has been serving as a Chiropractor for 21 years. She has three children and is a single parent. Her home is in Port St. Lucie with her son and partner of 7 years, Joaquin.

Until recently, Dr. Sanders’ primary focus of care has been in the Personal Injury arena. She has been the sole Chiropractor for over 10 years at several offices in the area. At St. Lucie Chiropractic / Injury and Health she now gets to return to her roots as a Family Chiropractor as well as expand her ability to serve by including multiple certifications in Occupational Health.

Core Competence
  • I am proud to have studied to acquire a very high level of skill and confidence in the auditing of accident-related cases.
  • My staff and I are very Knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated and eager to help with our audit services to reverse undervaluation's of injury claims.
  • Plaintiff's attorneys know that when they engage our audit services, they can feel good that they have made the right decision.
  • Our satisfaction rating has been consistently high, and attorneys soon realize that we care about their clients and that we are thoroughly knowledgeable in auto accident-related audits to reverse undervaluation's. This is based not only on our successful actions but also because attorneys want to know that their auditor cares about getting a reversal of low settlement valuations especially when there is no legal and factual basis and when Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts have been engaged and the adjuster violates his own Ethics Codes of the Adjuster. The audit is the solution to unfair, undervaluation of injury claims.
  • I am proud to have studied diligently to acquire a very high level of skill and confidence to become an auditor of accident-related injury claims and subscribe to the "Observer Rule of law and Empowerment."
  • We are eager to assist when injury claims have been undervalued and there is no legal or factual basis for so low a determination.
  • We want our plaintiff's representatives to feel that when they choose our audit services, you have made the right decision.
  • We understand how frustrating it is for all plaintiff's parties to be on the low end of a settlement valuation. No one should have to go through that — and we are truly grateful that you are allowing us the opportunity to bring a more favorable resolve to this issue of unfair, injury claim undervaluation. That is our sole purpose.
  • The human mind is no match against the insurers software's, therefore we have acquired the CASE Audit Settlement Evaluation software that makes up to 600 decisions and determinations to match the insurers software's and exchange decision points, interface and input added valuation into an injury claim. The CASE software we use has "Computer Aided Decision Making' functionality and is in a rare class of semantically interoperable software's. It also is a "Decision Support System" and will include "Statements of Undisputed Facts', "Memorandum of Points' research and references to show its side has greater believability than the defense.
  • We strive to keep our satisfaction rating high and show that we care. Thank you for being our valued customer. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your injury claim audit and enhancement needs.
  • Fair and equitable settlement valuation is the injured's rights, and we provide our audit services to reverse undervaluation when it occurs in injury claims. You trust our audit services and we take that seriously. When unfair, unreasonable undervaluation occurs, there is accompanying stress and anxiety over injuries, future prognosis, total costs, wage loss, property damage and the implications that arise from insurance issues. In fact, there are 26 sections comprised of medical, legal, economic and administrative factors of an injury claim. The audit is like a search engine to assemble all the factors of the claim in the correct language, format and sequence to interface with the insurers software's, exchange data among the insurers 67,880 decision points of an injury claim to reverse undervaluation and add to the worth of the claim.
  • I have trained to become an auditor and 'knowledgeable observer' of facts, including missing value drivers especially when there is no legal or factual basis for low valuations. We will audit each case using MECE Standards; Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive, to apply the highest standards to establish the preponderance, win the greater weight of the evidence challenges and reverse undervaluation's of injury claims. You can be confident that you are in caring hands and thank you for trusting us with your client's audit.
Curriculum Vitae


  • Radiology, Other Education — 1998

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics — 1991


  • Florida License - CH9771 – 8/11/2009, active

  • B.S. Mathematics ---Kennesaw State University, Georgia June 1991

  • Dr. of Chiropractic---- Life Chiropractic College, Dec 1998, Magna cum Laude

  • National Boards – Parts I, II, III, IV, physical therapy modalities, 1998-9

  • Basic Applied Kinesiology - ICAK, 1999

  • Physical Therapy Modalities – GBCE, 1999

  • X-ray Technique – GBCE, 1999

  • NRCME # 8754334744 --- 2013 Dept of Transportation Medical Examiner

  • BAT – Breath Alcohol Technician Certification --- 2017

  • COHC – Audiometry certification--- 2019 Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist

  • PFT certification --- 2019 Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Drug Test Collections --- Quest, Alere, CRL, urine, hair, nails, saliva

  • Fit Testing for Respirators, qualitative --- 2019

  • Fit Testing Questionnaire certification --- 2019

  • DABCI --- Chiropractic Internist, boards pending, 2019

  • ABCN --- Nutrition Diplomate, boards pending, 2019


  • No More Pain

    To say that Dr. Sanders is a knowledgeable professional is truly an understatement. She tells her patients exactly what’s going on & provides more than adequate treatment options. It goes without saying that I would recommend her to all that need chiropractic treatment.
    -Carlos S

  • Personal Attention

    The staff here is A-mazing. I love love love the attention and one on one work thru you get here. Dr. Susan and the PT, Melissa is very attentive to your needs and work diligently to improve your state. They are very clear on your workout plan and the goals you need to meet to get better. They are truly concerned and wants the best for every patient they encounter. The receptionist, Joan is the best. She’s prompt and work with you in whatever manner possible to accommodate and make your experience with their office a pleasant one. Overall the environment is a very friendly and relaxed one.
    – Jomisha J

  • Family Care

    I have known her for a long time. She is very knowledgeable and caring. The best i know
    – Nate J

  • Everything Hurts

    Best Chiropractic experience I’ve ever had! They work well with your schedule and it is a pleasure to visit. Dr. Sanders is honest, informative, and attentive. Dr. Sanders offers undivided and individualized attention. She is very personable and doesn’t mind demonstrating exercises or spending a little time explaining your situation and causation. She is very knowledgable In her field and she actually takes the time to listen. The atmosphere of the office is very inviting. Joan at the front desk is a ball of joy. If you enjoy your first contact on the phone with her, there is more to experience in the office. She is always smiling and is knowledgeable in what she does. If she doesn’t know the answer, someone in the office does. Camille is such an awesome tech. She is understanding, versatile, and accommodating. It is always pleasant speaking with her. Brad is good with his manual therapy and exercises that he gives me to do. The techniques offered here are effective with patience and persistence. All in all, this collaborative effort is a nice fit for me. I am happy that I got to experience these great people.
    -Aisha D


Owner/Operator of St. Lucie Injury and Health, LLC

4842 N Kings Hwy, Fort Pierce, FL 34951

Special Information

Your health is my first concern and you've entrusted it to me after your accident. I take that seriously. When you're involved in an accident, there is accompanying stress and anxiety over your injuries, your future prognosis and the implications that arise from insurance issues. I have trained in the medical-legal aspects of trauma medicine and will treat you and your injuries with the highest care possible and process your case according to the highest standards so be condent that you are in caring hands and thank you for trusting me.