CASE Audit Settlement Evaluation


I am a contributing author and trained Auditor whose sole purpose is to assist in the reversal of unfair, undervaluation of injury claims.

I am a member of a select group of doctors trained as an Auditor and Knowledgeable Observer to independently audit and provide medical validation when it is believed there is an undervaluation of an injury claim with inadequate explanation of the legal and factual basis for so low a valuation. The independent audit is for the correction of any omissions or misstatements of the claim by either the claimant or defense or rebut the engagement of any “Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts” or violations of the “Ethics Codes of the Adjuster” that result in unfair, undervaluation of an injury claim.

I am available to audit, consult and provide data to assist plaintiffs' attorneys in the benefits of P.I. Claim Audits to reverse low ball injury claims. I offer free subscriptions to: eBulletin series, eBook, Audit Report, Audit Brochure, Audit Magazine and CLE Accreditation.

I can provide the most thorough education presentation with CLE credits available for Ethics, via screen share or "meet & greet" presentation.

Auguste Duverneau, D.C.

Auguste Duverneau, D.C.

(201) 654-2310

72 West Hudson Ave Suite 5C, Englewood, NJ 07631

The Medical Records Are the Insurance Company’s Primary Source of Data Which They Use to Determine Settlement Valuation. One of the Single Most Important Considerations That Determine Settlement Valuation is derived from “Value Drivers” and "Decision Points" that Insurance Companies Use to Determine the range of worth of an injury claim. There Are 26 Value Driver sections, and 67,880 decision points. The insurance companies refuse to release their decision points to the public making it difficult to navigate the claim. The audit however, contains a search engine to detect overlooked value drivers and decision points and exchange them in the correct language, format and sequence to interface and input added valuation into the injury claim, and reverse claims that have been undervalued.

We engage a proprietary softwarein our audit process to make the same medical determinations as the insurer's software's. Using ambient intelligence technology, our software features a rare Computer Aided Decision-making functionality (CAD) and Decision Support System (DSS). This ability is no match for the human mind and this technology advancement is a key component of our ability to reverse undervaluation's on injury claims.

As an auditor and 'Knowledgeable Observer', we apply MECE standards to our audits. MECE = Mutually Exclusive / Collectively Exhaustive. This essentially means that we are mutually exclusive as an injury claim auditor and exhaust all methods to audit 26 sections and 60 factors on each claim in order to reverse undervaluations of injury claims.

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Clinic Assetts
  • I am proud to have studied to acquire a very high level of skill and confidence in accident related cases.
  • My staff and I are very Knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated and eager to help with your treatment and injury claim processing.
  • Our patients know that when they choose our office, they can feel good that they have made the right decision.
  • Our patient satisfaction rating has been consistently high and our patients realize that we care about them and we are thoroughly knowledgeable in auto accident related treatment & case representation. This is based not only on our successful treatment and resolve of a patient’s condition and claim representation, but also because people need to know their doctor cares about them as much as he is knowledgeable about their injuries.
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Duverneau obtained his bachelor of science degree in 1980 from Bloomfield College in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. He enrolled in a graduate program of human anatomy at Fairleigh Dickenson dental school in Teaneck-Hackensack campus in 1980. Subsequently he studied acupuncture for two years. He also studied and practiced nutrition before he finally decided to become a chiropractor.

As a chiropractic physician Dr. Duverneau practiced in various locations in the Northern New Jersey area starting in 1998. Municipalities he practiced include Englewood NJ where he opened his first practice which is also where he is currently practicing. In principle he never left Englewood, he’s been living in Englewood since 1982. He also practiced in Passaic, as well as Clifton NJ. And for short time he had an office in Bloomfield NJ.

From the beginning he became a proficient practitioner who takes care of post-traumatic injuries. His approach consists in proper treatment in order to help patients regain function of their areas of complaint, as well as documentation of injuries for litigation when required. His relation with personal injury attorneys has always been one of support to help his patients in litigation. For that reason, attorneys always counted on his expertise for the care he provides patients with, documentation of the given injury, and excellent narrative reports to explain the patient’s sufferings.

Dr. Duverneau has not been pleased about the way insurance carriers compensate his patients. For years insurers have been relying on the use of a certain computer software to undervalue claims. And it was impossible for a human to compete with the insurers’ computer to audit this malicious practice.  Now Dr. Duverneau makes use of the unique CASE Audit Settlement Evaluation software. This software can make up to 600 decisions and determinations, and prevails over the insurers’ software.

Injury Claim Audit Services

I am proud to have studied diligently to acquire a very high level of skill and confidence to become an auditor of accident-related injury claims and subscribe to the "Observer Rule of law and Empowerment."

We are eager to assist when injury claims have been undervalued and there is no legal or factual basis for so low a determination.

We want our plaintiff's representatives to feel that when they choose our audit services, you have made the right decision.

We understand how frustrating it is for all plaintiff's parties to be on the low end of a settlement valuation. No one should have to go through that — and we are truly grateful that you are allowing us the opportunity to bring a more favorable resolve to this issue of unfair, injury claim undervaluation.'

We strive to keep our satisfaction rating high and show that we care. The human mind is no match against the insurers software's, therefore we have acquired the CASE Audit Settlement Evaluation software that makes up to 600 decisions and determinations to match the insurers software's and exchange decision points, interface and input added valuation into an injury claim.

Thank you for being our valued customer. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your injury claim audit and enhancement needs.

Clinic Statement of Purpose

We want personal injuries attorneys and their client to know that they can successfully use an audit to help bring a more favorable resolve to this issue of unfair, injury claim undervaluation.

We want to assist claimants and personal injury attorneys with claims that have been undervalued while there is no legal or factual basis for so low a determination.

We want personal injury attorneys to feel that when they choose our audit services that they have made the right decision and it's worthwhile.

Special Information

Bringing fairness and equity to injury claims is my first concern and I appreciate that you have entrusted an injury claim to me to audit after an unfair injury valuation. I take that seriously. When insurers unfairly undervalue an injury claim especially when there is no legal or factual basis for so low a determination, the audit will level the playing field. I have trained in the auditing of medical-legal injury claims to counter Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts and reverse unfair undervaluation of injury claims.